Sunday, October 29, 2006

Spring brings more than flowers ...

Rain, and lots of it ... a soggy day from the kitchen window

The magnolias are always spectacular in Oropi, but this particular one is outside Gill's offices at Barke's Corner, overlooking the golf course:

This flower is on a magnificent tree just outside Oropi School:

The Oropi School grounds have some great indigenous trees too, including several large totara, shown here in the background:

A few weeks after the magnolias, the flowering cherries start to flower. This year, because we had an unusually warm and dry start to spring, the Prunus in Oropi, at an elevantion of over 400 meters, flowered at almost the same time as those in Greerton, close to sea level. Usually they are several weeks behind! This in our garden, which we planted five years ago, one is of the variety "Awanui".

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