Sunday, October 29, 2006

Calving and lambing time

The other thing that arrives with the flowers is calving and lambing. Our neighbour Alan arranges his lambing to start quite late, and everyone else has usually had theirs by the time the first of his arrive. "Rowdy", the ewe that we raised four years ago, had triplets for the second year in a row, and they are in the field directly in front of our house, at the end of the lawn, so we can follow the progress. Alan left her (Rowdy's, that is) tail on so that we could continue to recognise her among the rest, which are all docked.

This year we acquired two more male calves to add to the collection - Toffee and Treacle are almost ready for the "you know what". This shows the girls with their friends Joe and Ross at the Kehely's farm, looking at the cows which were in calf - they actually saw one being born ...

and then checked out the selection of young calves.

A week or so later, our two new calves arrived. They have been christened Spongebob and Patrick!

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