Sunday, October 29, 2006

School projects

There seem to have been no end of projects to help with at school recently. Towards the end of last term, Camilla and Louise had to design and build some go-karts as part of a class project. Much of the work was carried out at home - with not just a little help from Dad, of course - but the final assembly, painting, testing etc. was done by the girls themselves at school. Here, I'm helping Louise out with some tightening of screws and other finishing touches.

On the final day, they lined up with the competition at the top of an alarmingly long hill, in the Lowe's field next to the school. Here is Camilla with her kart ...

... and Louise with hers, looking rather nervous, as she had tipped over several times in the trial runs. Both of them did very well, although they weren't among the winning entries.

Camilla and Louise have experienced a much tougher year, homework-wise, and spend most week-day afternoons doing their "topics" or weekly research studies. Despite them being the youngest children in the Year 7/8 composite class at Oropi, they've done very well indeed, and are often among the top students. Here they are finding answers to the weekly list of general knowledge questions on the playroom computer.

Both Hannah and Lesley tried the NSW examinations for the first time this year, and did very, very well indeed. Hannah achieved Distinctions for Maths, English and Science, while Lesley managed a High Distinction for Science and a Merit for Maths. Here is Hannah being awarded her Maths certificate at a Pyes Pa School assembly.

On the first weekend of term, both Oropi and Pyes Pa Schools hosted their annual AgriGala & Calf Club Days. Camilla and Louise were involved in fundraising activities for their class trip, due to take place later in the term. Rather than selling chocolates, we decided to make a "Treasure Island" from papier mache and have a "Guess where the treasure is buried" competition. The photo below shows them manning their stall, with appropriate pirate hats. They ended up making over $200!

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