Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oropi School AgriGala Day - Saturday 15 October

On the first weekend of school term was the Oropi School AgriGala Day, which is a kind of spring fete, with pet shows - judging of best lamb, calf, kid goat display, including call and follow, which is a bit of a laugh with the younger children - largest eel caught, biggest possum shot, pony rides, target shooting with pellet guns, plant sales, candy floss, toffee apples, dads' cake making competitions, hanging basket and flower arranging competitions, spot raffles, auctions of donated goods, etc., and lots of other stalls run by kids and parents. A lot of fun, particularly as the rain held off this year, which was fortunate. Two years ago, I had to help with getting the fire for the hangi (which is food cooked in a pit under a huge bonfire) going at 4.30 in the morning and it was pouring with rain - I will admit that we used a bit of petrol to get the fire going! They also take the opportunity to display childrens' schoolwork in the classrooms, which are open for the first couple of hours. Anyway, on with the pictures ...

The display of hanging baskets, with Hannah's (all her own work) at extreme left, and a mini ferris wheel in the background.
Hannah's hanging basket is at extreme left, with Busy Lizzies, white and blue Petunias, Lobelias and a red Geranium
Louise's hanging basket, prepared at home with a little help from Dad, mostly with the design, shown hanging on our verandah after the competition. This won First Prize in the flower arranging section - don't ask why that section, i don't understand either!
Louise's hanging basket
Here are Louise (at left) and Camilla (at right) with friend Zoe, watching the calf follow judging.
Louise, Zoe & Camilla watching the calf follow judging
Hannah on the mini Ferris wheel, with some poor little boy who looks as if he's terrified - I'm not sure whether it's of the ride, or of Hannah.
Hannah on the Ferris wheel
Irises from our garden on display in Hannah's classroom, designed and arranged by Hannah - again with a little help from Dad.
Irises by Hannah
Classroom Exhibits - Picture by Hannah, after Picasso's Blue Period
Picture by Hannah, after Picasso's Blue Period
Another of Hannah's Picasso-style efforts
Another Picasso-style picture by Hannah
Silhouettes of Camilla & Louise.
Silhouettes of Camilla & Louise
Friend Callum holding possum that he shot, with dad Kevin & sister Olivia behind him.
Callum with dead possum
Hannah investigating domestic farm animals, including specially bred "black" sheep and alpaca.
Hannah investigating farm animals
... and lastly the pony rides.
Pony Rides

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