Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Far North Travelogue - Day Four

We left early on Tuesday morning, and headed straight for the northernmost accessible point, Cape Reinga. It was another very windy day, not particularly good for outdoor excursions, but the views were spectacular and we had brief glimpses of the massive sand dunes on Ninety Mile Beach.

Gum trees & sand dunes near Ninety Mile Beach - 4 October

The cape itself, although sunny, was windy and very busy so we didn't stay for too long - enough time for a 5 minute walk to the lighthouse and some team photos. In the second photo, the northernmost end of Ninety Mile Beach lies behind the huge sand dunes.

Gill, Hannah, Camilla, Louise, Lesley & the lighthouse, Cape Reinga - 4 October
Camilla, Lesley, Louise, Hannah & me, Cape Reinga, with Te Werahi Beach in the background - 4 October

Plenty of cabbage trees, or Ti kouka (Cordyline australis), around! We have one of these in our garden - it's about 7 or 8 metres high, and is in full flower at the moment. I'll try and take a photo of it to post some time soon, before the flowers are gone.

Cabbage trees or Ti kouka - 4 October

Another view of the waves breaking on Te Werahi Beach ...

Te Werahi Beach, Cape Reinga - 4 October

... before we returned to the very pleasant Pukenui Holiday Park on the shores of the Houhora Harbour, where we spent the next two nights. The girls, of course, had the inevitable "discussion" about who was going to sleep where ending up, as usual, with Gill and me making the decision, to prevent blood being shed!

Camilla, Hannah & Lesley in the cabin at Pukenui Holiday Park, Houhora Harbour - 4 October

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