Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lesley's photos

Today I have a selection of recent photos from Lesley - we hope you enjoy them. First some funny faces from Camilla, Louise and Hannah (from left to right) ...
Camilla, Louise & Hannah - 27 August 2005
... and then a series of their hat creations from a few weeks ago. They are in the same order: Camilla with the origami birds, sky and clouds, Louise as the psychedelic Mad Hatter, and Hannah as Nefertiti.
Camilla, Louise & Hannah with their hat creations - 27 August 2005
Playing on the relatively new miniputt course at the bottom of Oropi Road, next to John's Produce.
Brett & Hannah playing miniputt - 14 August 2005
Louise, Hannah & Camilla on our front verandah, about to play some volleyball?
Louise, Hannah & Camilla
Hannah "posing"
Hannah - 27 August 2005
Camilla celebrating a win at netball.
Camilla - 14 August 2005
Seashells collection.
Seashell collection - 27 August 2005
Louise in a pensive mood on the way to Pahoia. PS - I've just noticed this is Camilla, not Louise - I'll have to post a photo of Louise next time!
Louise - 17 September 2005
Hannah showing off Lesley's new coat.
Hannah - 28 August 2005
Brett looking at the view from the site of a proposed park at Huharua, Plummers Point, north of Tauranga.
Brett at Huharua, Plummers Point - 17 September 2005
Camilla playing the fool.
Camilla - 4 September 2005
Lesley wearing new jacket.
Lesley - 27 August 2005
Hannah on our front lawn.
Hannah - 27 August 2005
Flooding in Oropi - nothing like New Orleans, but a lot of rain nevertheless.
Flooding in Oropi - 24 August 2005
Later this evening I'll post some more of my own photos to accompany the email which you'll hopefully have received by the time you see this.

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