Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boating on Tauranga Harbour - 28 & 29 January 2006

Our friends Paola and Francesco launched their newly re-christened boat, the "Frapetta", on the Tauranga harbour, and we went along to enjoy the experience. On the second day, we were treated to some excursions. Here, Camilla, Louisa and Gill are on board for the leg from the Harbour Bridge Marina to Pilot Bay.
Paola, Francesco, Camilla, Louise & Gill on board the 'Frapetta', Tauranga Harbour - 29 January 2006
... and there's me, running to tie up before the boat crashes into the jetty, back in their berth at the Harbour Bridge Marina after the second leg, with myself, Lesley & Hannah on board.
Paola, Hannah, Lesley, Francesco & Brett, Harbour Bridge Marina, Mount Maugnanui - 29 January 2006

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