Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's about time ...

It's well over a month since I last posted some photos and news to this site, so I'm going to remedy the situation over the next couple of days. I will put up a selection of pictures from our holiday up north, as well as others from the last couple of weeks, for which you'll have to scroll down, as I'll date them as from the period they were taken. It's rather busy at the moment, so please bear with me. They will get there ...

First, Diana, you asked for a photo of the house that I helped build, complete, so here it is.

The house that Charley Farnsbarne built - 30 September

and a couple of other odd photos ... this one of a pukeko (aka Purple Gallinule) legging it past the tulips on our driveway.

Peter the Pukeko legging it past the tulips - 30 September

and Louise & Camilla (in the foreground) and friends watching lambs being docked.

(Right to Left) Louise, Camilla, Louisa, Sarah, Ezra and Moana, watching docking of lambs at the Hodge's yards - 30 September

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